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The Autumn 2020 edition covers past events since March 2020, and future ones, primarily those in September, October and November 2020, although there are not many of these because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions, which also resulted in non-publication of the Summer 2020 issue of the magazine

It contains the usual Parish Council and Church news for Send and Ripley together with articles on Papercourt Sailing Club, Villages Medical Centre, Ripley Farmers’ Market, Heroes All, Down Your Wey, Community Aid, Ripley Primary School, Ripley Corona Support, Les Bowerman, Ripley Bonfire Association, Rosemary Wallis, VJ Day, Send Help, Dazzling Dahlias at Dunsborough, Send and Ripley History Society and Museum, Ripley Village Hall, Patrick Sheard, the local Horticultural and Gardening Societies, The Old Send Phonebox, Guildford Fuchsia Group, Ripley and Send Over 60s, Send Open Garden Safari, Local WIs, West Surrey Natural History Society, Diary of Events for each village, and more, including many pictures of local events and wildlife.

Unfortunately an article about Send Creative and Send Crafts4U failed to make the magazine. However you can see it by clicking here.

The obituary for Rosemary Wallis on page 12 of the magazine can be found by clicking here.

The obituary for Patrick Sheard on page 35 of the magazine can be found by clicking here.

The obituary for Les Bowerman on page 50 of the magazine can be found by clicking here.

A large number of the pictures from this issue of the magazine can be seen by clicking here.

The Summer issue of the magazine was not published because of Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions. To compensate we made available some pictures of various birds and other wildlife taken at Papercourt Lake duing May, June and July. There are two sets:  Click here to see set 1 and click here to see set 2.

Because of Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions the Winter 2020 issue will be available about a week later than normal – just after 2nd December.