In Issue Pictures

Here are some more pictures of various birds and wildlife taken by David Sprigings around Papercourt Lake during May, June & July 2020. The copyright belongs to him and he has given permission for them to be reproduced here.

Click on them to see them bigger, and click here to see the first set.

Common Tern
Great Crested Grebe with fish
Two Great Crested Grebes
Two courting Great Crested Grebes
Great Crested Grebe
Great Crested Grebe taking off
Coot with tiny babies
Baby Coots
A slightly older baby Coot
A young Blackbird
A Moorhen and baby
Baby Moorhen
Three baby Moorhens
A baby Moorhen amongst the Waterlilies
A pair of Swans with their growing Cygnets
A Cygnet
A Heron, similar to but bigger than an Egret
An Egret, similar to but smaller than a Heron
Great Spotted Woodpecker
A baby Great Spotted Woodpecker waiting to be fed
A baby Great Spotted Woodpecker being fed
A Spider clutching a male Common Blue Damselfly with a female lower down
The Common Cross Spider and Male Common Blue Damselfly
The female Common Blue Damselfly caught on the Spider's silk thread