In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 110. Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

Please note that all text and pictures on this web site are copyright by R&SCPA except where indicated otherwise. The various pictures of birds were taken by David Sprigings around Papercourt Lake and the copyright of them belongs to him.  You may freely copy for personal non-commercial purposes any text or picture that is copyright R&SCPA. To copy a picture right-click on it and “Save as”.

Clapping on a Thursday on Portsmouth Road, Ripley
Ambulance in Ripley
Send Road, Send
Send Road, Send
Blacksmith in Send
Swans at Papercourt Lake
Egyptian Geese and Goslings on Papercourt Lake
Sailing on Papercourt Lake
Send Help lunchtime coordinator
Send Help delivering lunchtime food
Send Help delivering lunchtime food
Send Help lunchtime food delivered
Send Help lunchtime food delivered
Adam Special Plants at Ripley Farmers' Market
Lianne Distillers at July Farmers' Maarket
Ralph and Produce at Ripley Farmers' Market
T & V Summer Vegetable Stall at Ripley Farmers' Market
Joanna of Kokoh Chocolate at Ripley Farmers' Market
Young Shoppers at Ripley Farmers' Market
Dazzling Dahlias at Dunsborough
Dazzling Dahlias at Dunsborough
Heroes All - Send & Ripley at home & abroad during World War I
Here lies the interred body of Richard Stoughton ... died 10th December 1716 ... aged 52 ...
Patrick Sheard
Les Bowerman
Walsham Mooring on teh Wey Navigation
Triggs Towpath on the Wey Navigation
Ruth Wilkinson - Send Community Aid Co-ordinator
Kathryn Carr - Send Scrubs Hub Co-ordinator
Community Aid Scrubs Face Masks
Community Aid Volunteers
Community Aid - Scrubs for NHS
Community Aid Food Delivery
An example of some of Janice's Yummy Meals
Raleigh School at Ripley
Send Phonebox
RDHS Lily. Copyright Jane Golbengian.
Painted Rocks in Send
Egyptian Goose with Goslings
Baby Coot
Baby Moorhen
Baby Moorhen amongst the Lilies
Swan with Cygnets in a line
Swan with six Cygnets
Great Crested Grebe fishing
Great Crested Grebes
Great Crested Grebes
Little Egret
Woodpecker with food
Woodpecker feeding Chick
Heron and two Chicks
Returning Heron