In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 111. Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

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The pictures of Ripley Farmer’s Market were taken by Dianne Cooper and the those in Send labelled as Autumn Colour were taken by David Sprigings. The copyright of the pictures belongs to the respective individual.

Squirrels eating acorns
Ripley High Street
Send War Memorial
Ripley Church Doors
Lynda Newland
Lorna Cave
Pat Clack
Send Blacksmith and Spitfire
Send Blacksmith and VJ Day
Send Blacksmith - the Iron Man
Jane's Cakes at Ripley Farmers' Market
Santa & his Elves at Ripley Farmers' Market
Distillers of Surrey Gin at Ripley Farmers' Market
Christmas wreaths at Ripley Farmers' Market
Autumn Colour at Send School
Autumn Colour in Send Barnes Lane
Autumn Colour in Send
Autumn Colour in Factory Estate, Send
Autumn Colour at Send School
Pyracantha in Send
Ripley Horticultural Society Flower Show
Ripley Horticultural stall at Ripley Farmers' Market
Fungi by the Wey Navigation
Hips by the Wey Navigation
Triggs Lock Cottage
Ripley Business Association
Ripley's Orchard - a tribue to the fallen of World War I
Jackie Strange and Valerie Jenner receiving the Mayor's award in 2015