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The Ripley Event was held on another beautiful sunny day as we have come to expect – the order for sunshine is nearly always filled. Ripley Green was the venue, 25th July was the date.

The Rotary Club of Ripley and Send with some extra helpers put on a splendid display once again with entertainment for everyone. From the dog show to the fairground items, the Summerscales dancers and the jazz band with the accordion group and children’s races, cars, tractors and stalls of all sorts only to be interrupted by a sit down at the tea tent for refreshments. What more could anyone want? Perhaps being serenaded by a choir singing happy show tunes, and that was on offer too.

The Rotary Club have been running the Event for a considerable number of years and have made this into a major day out locally. The members are unfortunately not getting any younger and although they have had help this year, the chairman of the event committee Malcolm Pritchett is having to retire.  It really is a necessity for someone from Ripley to step up and take this over or this important event which caters for thousands will be lost.

The fair began in the middle ages as the Feast Day of St. Mary Magdalen which was celebrated by Ripley Church on 22 July. This is still held on the nearest Saturday and is purely voluntary to help a range of charities. Help is at hand from Rotary to pass on their experience.

We really can’t see this disappear, please get in touch if you can help.

The following pictures are just a small sample of the events at the 2015 event.