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Annie Cross, the author of the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan, has noticed that all of the information about voting in Ripley, Ockham and Wisley on 6 May on the GBC information web page is wrong or non-existent. She provided the following information on 3rd May:

With just 3 days to the local elections it is absolutely scandalous, and will not surprise you, that the Guildford Borough Council website is showing the wrong information for all the polling stations in Lovelace for Thursday’s elections – Surrey County Councillor, the Police Commissioner and the referendum on the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan.  See link below.

The Ripley polling station is shown as at the Village Hall, which has now closed prior to redevelopment.  The new polling station is at Ripley Primary School, accessed from Wentworth Close, off Newark Lane.

Ockham polling station is not even shown on the map, nor is there any information at all stating the polling station is at All Saints Church. (Entrance at the junction of Ockham Road North and Guileshill Lane).

The Wisley polling station is shown as the Wisley Pavillion – only one problem.  There is no polling station at Wisley this election and people are expected to vote in Ripley.  How many Wisley residents will go to the M25 roundabout, double back and drive into Ripley? That’s assuming they actually know where to vote as the wrong location is shown on the GBC website.  See link below.

Beneath the map showing the polling venues,  Guildford state “Following a recent review, there are several permanent changes to the venue of some polling stations in our borough”.  Why were the new Lovelace venues not included in that “updated” information?  It would be interesting to know how many other areas had 100% incorrect information, i.e. three out of three parish’s having wrong information on all their polling stations?

It is fair to say that either this is gross incompetence on the part of GB, or is there another agenda? Mis-information on all three Lovelace polling stations is difficult to comprehend.

You may be a postal voter but many are not.  Can you help ensure that Lovelace turns out in force to vote and is not disenfranchised by these shenanigans.  Can you pass this on to your friends and neighbours so everyone knows where to go and vote.  We want our Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan accepted and maybe it’s time for a new Surrey County Councillor too!

In this situation, it really is a case of ‘every vote counts’.