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The Autumn 2016 edition covers past events in June, July and August 2016 and future ones, primarily those in September, October and November 2016.

It celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary and the 10th Anniversary of Send News joining.

It contains the usual Parish Council and Church news for Send and Ripley together with articles on Chris Elson’s reminiscences, Villages Medical Centre, Ripley Village Hall, Ripley Bake Off, Rotary Ripley Event, Send Amateur Dramatics (SADS), Down your Wey, Send Primary School, Ripley Nature Reserve, Papercourt Sailing Club, “Westward Ho”,  A Diamond Wedding, The Smith Charity, Send Help, Ripley Good Neighbours, Ripley Bonfire, Ripley Christmas Fair, Queen’s Birthday Picnics in Send and Ripley, History Society, the local Horticultural and Gardening Societies, Dunsborough Park Dahlias, Guildford Fuchsia Group, Send’s Remembrance Garden, Send Village Club,  Ripley and Send Over 60s, Local WIs, Old Hall Christmas Fair, Diary of Events for each village, and more, including many pictures of local events.

A large number of the pictures from this issue of the magazine can be seen by clicking here.

Errata: The cover of the first edition of the magazine incorporating Send News is on page 58, not 60 as stated on page 3.

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