In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 103. Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

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National Trust Volunteers
Ripley School Last Day
Send Help Party
Ripley School
Accordian Orchestra at Ripley Event
Councillor Vernon Wood and Michael Ramcharan
Grape & Grain - Beer Stall
Grape & Grain - Gin Bar
Clearing Ripley Nature Reserve
Clearing Ripley Nature Reserve
Clearing Ripley Nature Reserve
Ripley Event - Woking Rock Choir
Ripley Event - Summerscales Dancers
Ripley Event - Winnig Cars
Ripley Farmers' Market - Silent Pool Gin
Mayor's Award Recipients 2018 including Karen Lord, Neil Freeman & Dreda Todd
Ride London/Surrey Classic Support Teams
Ride London/Surrey Classic Peleton showing Winner
Villages Medical Centre
Chris Charman on the Wey Navigation
Brian Stalley & Rosie
Autumn Apple
Send WI's Butterfly for Wisley
Send Remembrance Poppies
Ockham WI Bee for Wisley
Ripley Cubs at Camp
Ripley Rocks - Sultana
Tequila King - Top of the Bill
Ripley Rocks - Cliff Bennett
St Bede's School Logo
St Bede's School Front Door
St Bede's School Tower
Ripley Horticultural Society Tent at Ripley Event