In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 102.  Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

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Vernon Wood at work
Lapwing by Tony Shutt - "Clapping the air, white slapped, black flapped, wings falling, we applaud."
Mallard by Tony Shutt - "M'lud, my client is accused of being a mallard."
Nuthatch by Tony Shutt - "Not much, but in its way, it's poised upside down, that nuthatch."
Ripley School
Ripley School
Rotary at Chatham Dockyard
Yellow Rose
April Farmers' Market
Good Neighbours' AGM and lunch
Museum Art Exhibition opened by High Sheriff Robert Napier
Newark Priory by a Send prisoner
Chicken by a Send prisoner
Owl by a Send prisoner
Badger by a Send prisoner
Send May Fair Queen
Send Fair Maypole
Send May Fair - Dog Show
Send May Fair - Splat the Rat
Send Gardening Society at May Fair
Send United Football Club
Send United Football Club
Send United Football Club
Send United Football Club
Send United Players at Woking FC's Ground
Rose Walk at Dunsborough Park
Three Poppies for Send Poppy Project
Poppy for Send Poppy Project
CPR Demonstration
Bridge at Walsham Lock
Painting a Gate at Triggs Lock
Wood Turning Demonstration