In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 101. Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

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CPR practice
CPR Practice
Patients Participation Group
Villages Medical Centre
Wey Valley Motorcyclists with Defibrillator
Epilepsy Alarm provided by Rotary Club
Felicity - 100 issues - Send Marsh
Lynda - 100 Issues - Send Marsh
Mike - 100 Issues - Send Marsh
Dennis - 100 Issues - Ripley
Karen - 100 Issues - Ripley
Judith - 100 Issues - Send Marsh
Carrie - 100 Issues - Send Marsh
Jackie - long time Ripley & Send Marsh distributor
Valerie & Chris - Editor & Founder
Elf at Ripley Christmas Fair
Princess at Ripley Christmas Fair
Reindeer at Ripley Christmas Fair
Christmas Fair
Ockham WI at Christmas Fair
Stall at Christmas Fair
Sailing at Papercourt
Pink Bush
Tulips at Dunsborough
Formality at Dunsborough
Clare on Village Hall stand at Christmas Fair
Lillies on a Lake
Woking & District Angling Association
Woking & District Angling Association
Wey Navigation
A Beetle, Down Your Wey.
Apple Blossom
Crocus at Wisley
Darts - Maximum 180
Ripley Event