In Issue Pictures

Here are some pictures from Issue 106. Click on them to see them bigger, but be warned you don’t always get the complete picture.

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Send Daffodils. © Copyright Zareena Linney-White
Rotary Club Calendar - The Talbot in Ripley
Send Church Wedding Dress
Christmas Lights in Ripley
Ripley School
Ripley Bowls Club
Walking the dogs at Send May Fair
The Winning Dog and Owner at Send May Fair
May King at Send May Fair
Maypole Dancing at Send May Fair
Cooking at Send May Fair
Farmers' Market - April
Farmers' Market - May
Farmers' Market - May
Farmers' Market - May
Ripley Good Neighbours AGM & Lunch
Ripley Orchard and Nature Reserve
Brian Stalley with Rosie and his Award
Ripley Horticultural Society Bird Feeders
Get Creative, Send.
Get Creative, Lancaster Hall, Send
Hanging Baskets
Get Creative, Send
Get Creative, Send. Knitting
Get Creative, Send. Painting
Get Creative, Send. Silhouettes
Get Creative, Send. Sculpting
Kung Fu Demonstration
Get Creative, Send. SADS
Ripley Cubs' Awards
Ducklings on the Wey
Painting a Lock on the Wey
Dahlias at Dunsborough Park
Rose Walk at Dunsborough Park
Ripley Church Guitar Concert
Get Creative, Send. Fowers on Fence.
St Bede's School logo
St Bede's School front door
St Bede's School tower